Luca Nenna

Luca Nenna

Maître de conférences

Université Paris-Saclay


Hello! Welcome to my website! I am a maître de conférences (:= associate professor) in the department of Mathematics at Paris-Saclay University. I am also a member of the ERC team MDFT and the ANR MAGA.

Before that, I was a CNRS post-doc under the supervision of Mathieu Lewin.

In December 2016 I completed my Ph.D. under the supervision of Jean-David Benamou and Guillaume Carlier.

With Quentin Mérigot I organise a monthly seminar on Optimal Transport, PDE and Machine Learning at LMO.

  • Optimal Transport
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Numerical Analysis
  • PhD in Applied Mathematics, 2016

    PSL-Université Paris-Dauphine

  • Master degree in Mathematical Engineering, 2013

    Politecnico di Milano


workshop Emerging topics in applications of optimal transport
Journée transport optimal
workshop Interpolation of measures
I will be on secondement in Matherials team


Maître de conférences
Université Paris-Saclay
Sep 2018 – Present Orsay, France
CNRS, PSL-Université Paris-Dauphine
Sep 2017 – Aug 2018 Paris, France
Under the supervision of Mathieu Lewin.
PSL-Université Paris-Dauphine
Sep 2016 – Aug 2017 Paris, France
Temporary assistant professor.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Emerging topics in applications of Optimal Transport
Journée transport optimal
Interpolation of Measures

Recent Publications

Teaching A.Y. 2022/2023

Optimisation numérique
M1 Maths I.A. (voir eCampus)
Introduction to optimization
M2 Optimization
Analyse théorique et numérique des EDO
L3 Mathématiques E.U. (voir eCampus)