ANR Project GOTA

Generalized Optimal Transport and Applications

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  • Luca Nenna (P.I.), Maître de conférences at Université Paris-Saclay.

  • Maxime Laborde, Maître de conférences at Université Paris-Cité.

  • Paul Pegon, Maître de conférences at Université Paris-Dauphine.

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Objectives of the project:

This project deals with some generalizations and applications of Optimal Transport theory with a particular focus on three main topics: multi-marginal optimal transport, multi-population models and multi-marginal entropic optimal transport. The transition from the classical case to the multi-population carries some difficulties which make all these problems more delicate to treat both from the theoretical and numerical points of view. As for the former the main questions concern the dimension of the support of the solution, the development of tools for analysing PDEs involving more populations and the first-order expansion of the multi-marginal entropic regularized problem under some mild assumption on the cost function. As regards the numerical side the main objective, common to the three over mentioned topics, consists in developing suitable numerical methods to deal with the so-called curse of the dimensionality.

Publications and preprints:

Luca Nenna
Luca Nenna
Maître de conférences

My research interests lie at the intersection of Optimal Transport, Mathematical Physics, Mathematical Economics and Numerical Analysis